Qoros 5S Nigh Hero Edition China Debut LDY, JD Digits, Qoros Work Together for “New Ecology for Automotive Consumption”

2019-11-18Latest News

  On November 18, 2019, the "LDY & JD Digits & Qoros Auto New Eco-Cooperation Conference and Qoros 5S Night Hero Edition National Launch Conference" was held in Shanghai. The three parties announced that they will jointly build a whole life cycle service solution for automobile consumption. At the same time, the Qoros 5S Night Hero Edition will be launched nationwide with a price of 158,800 RMB, which will be available on JD platform from now on. 

  In the new ecosystem for automotive consumption jointly established by the three parties, LDY Mobility Group, as a leading domestic car operator, will provide partners with the full life cycle of vehicles such as shared travel, test drive, auto finance, after-sales maintenance, and used cars service support; As a first-class digital technology service provider in the industry, JD Digits will use its high-quality financial services and products to empower its partners and increase product sales with digital capabilities; Qoros Auto will provide superior quality products to partners and consumers.

  As the leading brand in the field of shared mobility, LDY Mobility Group has established a closed-loop management of the full value chain of the automobile life cycle, which is led by the shared vehicle segment. Till now, LDY Mobility Group has settled in 200 cities, serving 20,000 service outlets, and has over 60,000 vehicles in operation. With regard to its size and operating efficiency, it has ranked among the top three in the shared car sector. In order to better output customer value, LDY has resolutely implemented the corporate strategy of car rental advancement and ecological formulated at the beginning of the founding, and gradually derived and developed after-car service, sales finance, second-hand vehicles and operational vehicle maintenance business segments which is close related to automobile business unit, and are moving step by step towards the vision of “becoming a superior car operator”.

  JD Finance, a subsidiary of JD Digits, has deployed the auto finance market for many years. With digital technology as its core competence, it relies on big data, artificial intelligence, risk control capabilities, user insight, and rich channel resources to help its partners provide consumers with innovative auto finance product. It is worth mentioning that the cooperation with LDY Mobility Group and Qoros Auto is also based on the new model of the car financing product, which named“Car White Bar” based on the newly launched online service of JD.com. Traditional car staging often faces complex process such as complicated review process and long waiting for the vehicle picking up. While the interests rate of“car white bar”is clear at a glance, ultra-low down payment, simple application materials, and no additional service fee. The advantages are obvious.

  As an independent high-end automobile brand, Qoros Auto will provide high-quality products for this cooperation. The nationwide debut of the Qoros 5S Night Hero Edition can be regarded as an exclusive car tailored for young users, and its development inspiration comes from the video game elements that young people are passionate about today. Compared with the current model of the Qoros 5S, the dark hero version uses a new color scheme, adding exclusive painting from German PPG combat gray matte, black decoration kit, black whirlwind wheels, exclusive limited logo and other unique accessories. The Slogan “Drive Differently” highlights the customer’s personality and characteristics richness. The product name of “Heroes of the Night” embodies anthropomorphic “”heroic image“ ”meaning the passion and “”heroic dream“ ”contained in the heart of every young person.

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