MSRP from RMB 138,800: Qoros 5S Equips New Power-train Positioned as "High-Energy Power-Driven SUVs"

2019-09-21Latest News

  On September 21, the launch of Qoros 5S, the latest model of Qoros, was held in various regions. The MSRP was announced and the first order in Chinese market was also delivered. Qoros 5S has three configurations: advantage, prestige, and flagship. The MSRP are RMB 138,800, RMB 148,800, and RMB 163,800 respectively. Compared with the MSRP for the Qoros 5 a maximum reduction of RMB 31,100 was achieved. While improving power and configuration, the price also shows the sincerity of Qoros.

  In addition to meeting the "GB 6b" emission standard, the Qoros 5S has also been upgraded with a new power-train and a significantly upgraded technology configuration, positioning it as a "high-energy drive-control SUV." The golden power combination of "1.6TGDI engine and Getrag 7DCT wet dual clutch transmission", the maximum power of the Qoros 5S is up to 145kW (197Ps). The peak torque is increased to 290N•m, and the power performance is increased by 26%. While the general fuel consumption was reduced by 10%, only 6.6L/100km. The dynamic chassis system created by the internationally renowned Magna team, coupled with the LVC low-frequency segmented control shock absorber and 4-stage damping control adjustment, making the Qoros 5S driving feels powerful and smooth, and considers high-speed handling stability and driving comfortable, perfectly interprets the brand style of "Confidence. Drives Qoros New Power Train".

  The Qoros 5S adopts a "wing-spanning" LED headlight design; in terms of body size, its length, width, and height are 4600/1869/1658mm respectively, and its wheelbase is 2710mm. In terms of technological safety configuration, the new model is equipped with a new electronic shift lever and sports driving mode; supplemented by tire pressure monitoring, side air curtains, and "military high-rigid body structure", the safety reputation of the Qoros 5 is continuously upgraded. It is worth mentioning that the new model is equipped with the Banma Intelligent Mobility System, which will provide OTA over-the-air upgrades, external smart device interfaces, and cooperation with merchants such as Alipay, Word of mouth, and to pay for fueling, parking, ordering meals, booking tickets services, as well as mobile phone remote control and intelligent voice control functions.

  After the pre-sale activity started in mid-August, the Qoros 5S attracted a group of brand loyal fans to "plant grass". In July of this year, Mr. Wang Danyun from Anhui, who hit a highway fence at 120 kilometers/hour on a high-speed road while driving Qoros 5. After the vehicle was vacated and rolled for six laps, Mr. Wang was able to "Dodged the bullet" under the safety protection of the Qoros 5. "Out of danger"-the excellent safety and quality of Qoros products made him convinced. "At the turn of life and death, it immediately placed an order after the pre-sale activity of the Qoros 5S, becoming the first owner of the Qoros 5S. On September 21, at the launch of the Qoros 5S in East District, Mr. Wang was once again the first delivery vehicle owner in China.

  Since 2019, Qoros Auto has introduced a new management team to strengthen its system construction and operation management capabilities. The listing of Qoros 5S has become a phased result of the company's overall value chain combing and optimization. It is reported that in addition to the Qoros 5S and Qoros 3S, which will be launched this year, there will also be SUVs and sedan models developed on the brand new platform next year. In the next 3 to 5 years, Qoros Auto’s product line will be further expanded to cover all categories of cars, SUVs and MPVs.

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